Gallery of Duomatic models

Duomatic model lineup 102 101 R2110 A2110
From left to right: The Fichtel & Sachs Torpedo Duomatic model 102, the 101 (without coaster brake), the R2110 and the A2110 (automatic gear shift version of the R2110).

Torpedo Duomatic 102

This example produced in 1970 (Year code "N"), 36H, short axle version:

Duomatic model 102
Mostly disassembled (see the Duomatic rebuild page for full disassembly photos):

Duomatic model 102 disassembled

Torpedo Duomatic 101

This example produced in 1968 (Year code "L"), no coaster brake, 36H, long axle version:

Duomatic model 101
Mostly disassembled (see the Duomatic rebuild page for full disassembly photos, planet carrier sub-assembly and shifter sub-assembly is the same as the 102):

Duomatic model 101 disassembled 1
Duomatic model 101 disassembled 2
Duomatic model 101 disassembled 3
Note: Even though there is no coaster brake, there is a hard stop on the backpedal stroke after the shift point, so you cannot rotate the crank backwards to reposition your pedals while waiting at a red light.

Torpedo Duomatic R2110

This example produced in 1980 (Year code "Y"), 28H, long axle version:

Duomatic model R2110
Mostly disassembled:

Duomatic model R2110 disassembled 1
Duomatic model R2110 disassembled 2
Duomatic model R2110 disassembled 3
As it can be seen on the disassembly photos, the R2110 version of the Duomatic hub only shares a few components with the previous model 102. Many components were simplified, probably to require fewer machining operations to manufacture the parts.

Torpedo Automatic A2110

This example produced in 1981 (Year code "Z"), 28H, short axle, blue banderole version (meant for 26-28 inch wheels, shifts earlier than the red version):

Automatic model A2110
Almost completely disassembled (centrifugal clutch sub-assembly kept together, as well as the brake reaction arm and left bearing cone):

Automatic model A2110 disassembled 1
Automatic model A2110 disassembled 2
Automatic model A2110 disassembled 3
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