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» Gallery of Duomatic models
   Last updated 2019-10-02

» Duomatic hub rebuild and brake upgrade
   Last updated 2019-09-08

» Determining the production year of a Sachs hub
   Last updated 2019-06-28

» External gear ratio recommendations for internally geared hubs
   Last updated 2019-05-26

» Rebuilding a Sachs Torpedo Zweigang coaster brake hub
   Last updated 2019-02-12

» Restoration of an old German vise
   Last updated 2018-05-27

» Redneck truing stand
   Last updated 2016-08-07

» Restoration of an old English bench vise
   Last updated 2016-01-24

» Wheel truing indicator mount
   Last updated 2016-01-16

» Removing a stuck bottom bracket
   Last updated 2015-09-12

» Removing a stuck outer race of a disintegrated cartridge bearing
   Last updated 2014-02-23

» DIY chain retention system
   Last updated 2013-05-20

» DIY light tent
   Last updated 2010-07-24

» DIY bicycle GPS mount
   Last updated 2008-05-12